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Market Overview

The current market is characterised by political uncertainty and multiple global economic issues. The main issues affecting the South African market are Rand volatility, emerging market woes and political and policy uncertainty.

The Rand has weakened significantly against the major currencies (-19.4% YTD against the USD) benefiting South African investors invested in developed offshore markets. The Nasdaq market has shown sharp increases year-to-date (+17.5%), with the JSE All Share Index marginally down year-to-date (-1.4%).

Key Indicators

    31 Aug ‘1831 Jul ‘1831 Dec ‘17
JSE ALSI58 66957 43359 505
Nasdaq8 1107 6726 903

Portfolio Overview

The portfolio performed well in August, benefitting from the good results from FirstRand and Discovery locally and from Amazon and Nvidia offshore. Rand weakness also had a positive impact on the portfolio. Aspen also had a good run in August (but sharply down in September after unimpressive results).

Approximately 38% of the portfolio is offshore. 16% of the portfolio is in Cash; 30.6% is in the Technology sector; 18.7% in Financials; and 17.1% in Biotechnology.

We continually seek opportunities in our preferred investment themes to deploy our cash, but remain patient until the right opportunities present themselves.

Thought for the Day: Patience

“The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient” Warren Buffett.

The South African stock market is certainly testing the patience of investors in the local market. A strategy of regular (monthly) investments in good quality investments generally pays off well over the long-term.  There is a lot of noise on a daily basis that can really mess with an investor’s mind. Typically, when sentiments are low, stocks are cheap and vice versa. Unfortunately, stock prices can remain high or low for extended periods of time truly testing the patience of investors. Investors are tested further, when a correction does occur, as these can be quite sharp rises or falls in the stock market.

The patient investor who has a regular investment in good quality businesses, who ignores daily gyrations in the markets will generally do well over the long-term.

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