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Lunar Capital is a black owned and managed Investment Management Company based in South Africa. Our core purpose is to meaningfully impact the investment culture of the communities and people whose lives we touch.

We strive to encourage our clients to positively impact their futures through investing in businesses that embrace technology and innovation.

About us

Our Purpose is to meaningfully impact the investment culture of the communities and people whose lives we touch. We aim to continually learn and to apply our learning to invest, and find meaningful enjoyment in the returns from our investments and in sharing our learning with others, impacting our country’s investment culture.

Our Services

Lunar Capital is an investment management business managing a fund focused on building wealth over the long-term. We select key investment themes, which guide our investment horizon. Investment decisions and portfolio construction is based on selecting businesses that support these investment themes and that we assess to offer value at the prices that are offered.

Contact us

To get in touch, call us on +27 83 3057860; email us at [email protected] or click on the button below and we will get back to you.

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