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Our core purpose is to meaningfully impact the investment culture of our communities and to assist our clients to grow wealth for themselves and their families.




updated 16 July 2024
218.24 cents
Source: Morningstar
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Lunar BCI Worldwide Flexible Fund

The Lunar BCI Worldwide Flexible Fund is an open-end fund based in South Africa with a global reach. The fund’s primary objective is to explore both local and international investment opportunities in order to achieve substantial long-term returns for its investors.


218.24 cents
updated 16 July 2024
Annualised (%) 1 Year 3 Years 5 Years
Fund 23.60% 9.34% 8.87%

BCI Worldwide Flexible Fund

The Lunar BCI Worldwide Flexible Fund invests in local and global businesses that have a competitive advantage through the innovative adoption of technologies and business practices.



Offshore Portfolio Management

The Lunar Offshore Portfolio Management service offering is suitable for clients who have a minimum of R500,000 to invest.

How Offshore Portfolio Management Works

Clients who wish to utilise our Lunar Offshore Portfolio Management offering are required to sign a Mandate Agreement with Lunar Capital. Clients utilise their foreign exchange allowance. Lunar Capital accepts only clients who utilise the Sanlam Glacier International wrapper fund and who request their funds to be managed on the DMA platform. Lunar Capital manages the clients’ portfolios on the DMA platform based on the Mandate agreed with the client. Clients can view their portfolios and obtain statements etc. from DMA and/or Sanlam Glacier.



Latest Insights

Our shareholders and directors have invested a significant portion of their own wealth in the Lunar BCI Worldwide Flexible Fund and have committed to remain invested for the long term. We invite you to join us in learning to invest, co-investing with us and taking the steps to growing wealth for you and your family.

JP Mor-Gains
JP Mor-Gains
How is JP Morgan navigating an increasingly complex environment.
AI: The Energy Saga
AI: The Energy Saga
How are businesses dealing with AI's increasing energy demand?
Quarterly Investment & Performance Review – 30 June 2024
The Lunar BCI Worldwide Flexible Fund achieved a Top 10% ranking of all Funds available in South Africa since its inception 8 years ago. Source: Moneymate.

Popular Questions

The more planning you do, the more likely you are to have questions. We have listed some of the questions most frequently asked by individuals seeking to become investors with Lunar Capital.

At Lunar Capital, we believe that building wealth begins with a disciplined approach. All our shareholders and directors have invested a significant portion of their wealth in the Lunar BCI Worldwide Flexible Fund. Anyone can co-invest with us and start their wealth building journey with a minimal upfront investment or a monthly debit order. We also provide an Offshore Portfolio Management service for clients who wish to utilise their offshore exchange control allowance.

Our investment philosophy is encapsulated in “Growth at a Reasonable Price”. Technology is a key driver of growth, whether it is through digitising businesses, providing health care and medication, enabling sustainable energy sources, or improving safety and security. Our bias is to invest in these businesses that we believe have competitive advantages, provided we can acquire them at reasonable price.

Please contact us for further information on the Lunar BCI Worldwide Flexible Fund and/or the Lunar Offshore Portfolio Management service.

Lunar Capital are passionate about investing for the future. Our ideal candidate is a high-quality, growing company within an expanding sector. Typically, these companies are leaders within their industries or their markets with strong management teams in place.

We are also on the lookout for businesses that could potentially disrupt existing business models and provide long-term growth.

Sabir Munshi

Sabir Munshi, our founder and CEO, studied computer science and worked in the financial markets industry in various leadership roles in consulting, business, and information technology. He started his career with Accenture and subsequently with FirstCorp Merchant Bank, Gensec Bank/Sanlam Capital Markets and lastly as Chief Information Officer at Rand Merchant Bank.

He has been investing since the early 1990’s. He currently manages the Lunar BCI Worldwide Flexible Fund and the segregated Lunar Offshore Portfolio Management funds. He has invested a significant portion of his own wealth in the Lunar BCI Worldwide Flexible Fund.

He is passionate about investing for long-term personal and societal prosperity. He is also as a member of Higain Investments, an investment club which has its roots since 1991 from the township of Lenasia near Johannesburg.

Carl Isernhinke

Carl Isernhinke studied actuarial science and has played a number of roles in the Investment Management industry at PSG Escher, Absa Capital, Clade Asset Management, and Sasfin Asset Managers.

Our Fee structure for the Lunar BCI Worldwide Flexible Fund can be found on the Fund Fact Sheet.

Our fee structure for the Lunar Offshore Portfolio service is 1% pa plus VAT. Separate fees apply for Sanlam and DMA. These can be provided on request.

Your funds can be viewed online via BCI for the Lunar BCI Worldwide Flexible Fund. You are also able to add funds, change debit orders, withdraw and obtain reports online via this service.

Your Lunar Offshore Portfolio Management funds can also be viewed online via DMA or Sanlam. Withdrawals and additional investments will be done via Sanlam and Lunar Capital can assist you with this process.

Lunar Capital is a Level 1 BEE company. We are 100% Black-owned, of which 29.5% is owned by Black women.

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