Introducing Tech Talk – Shopriteˣ

Introducing Tech Talk – Shopriteˣ

We at Lunar Capital follow an investment philosophy of “Growth at a Reasonable Price”. This essentially guides us to look for companies that have a growth strategy and that are trading at a reasonable price relative to their growth potential. This ultimately leads us to technology companies and companies that utilise technology to drive their competitive and growth strategies.


In this first edition of Tech Talk, we feature Shoprite, a long-term investment in our Lunar BCI Worldwide Flexible Fund.

Shoprite serves over 1 billion customer per annum, and stock over 7 billion different types of products. Over 20 million of Shoprite clients have benefited from the Xtra savings loyalty scheme. Why is this important and what does this have to do with technology?

Shoprite through their Shopriteˣ unit has been collecting data on the spending habits and experience of their clients. This rich and deep dataset is mined and informs how Shoprite innovates to improve the shopping experience of their clients and incentivises them to shop and save at Shoprite stores, including Checkers, Usave, and, House and Home.

Some of you may have used the Sixty60 app, where you order on-line from Checkers and have your goods delivered within 60 minutes of ordering. This is an amazing service and convenience, and is particularly useful for many who are now working from home.

Recently, Shoprite launched a new concept store called Checkers Rush, where you will be able to shop at a Checkers Rush store by a simple process of registering yourself as you enter and picking goods off the shelf and walking out without having to go through a checkout process. Machine vision cameras identify the goods you have taken and charge this to your account as you take items off the shelf. No more checkout queues.

Shoprite’s loyalty and savings scheme, Xtra, is also honed by the insights that they derive from their data that they have collected and mined.

The motto of Shopriteˣ is to fuse data, technology and innovation to create a fast and frictionless experience for their clients. These and other innovations make Shoprite a significant competitor by attracting more customers, who experience better shopping experiences through these innovations.

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