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Lunar Capital is an investment management business. We manage the Lunar BCI Worldwide Flexible Fund and bespoke offshore portfolio management through our Lunar Offshore Portfolio Management service. Our objective in the fund and portfolios is to provide real long-term returns.

Our fund and portfolios are aimed at investors who have similar investment objectives to the founding members. The founding members are significantly invested in the Lunar BCI Worldwide Flexible Fund. Our targeted investment objectives are to:

The fund will be invested largely in South African and offshore equities and the investment strategy will be biased to companies that embrace technology and innovation.

Lunar Capital encourages a learning culture on investing, through seminars, the Lunar Capital Youth League Academy and posting regular Insights on Investing.

We target clients who wish to have exposure to a mixture of South African and offshore equities, bonds and cash. Our target equity investments will be companies who can benefit from technology and innovation.

Our Funds

Lunar BCI Worldwide Flexible Fund

The Lunar BCI Worldwide Flexible Fund invests in local and global businesses that have a competitive advantage through the innovative adoption of technologies and business practices.

The Fund Fact Sheet provides more details on the fund’s holdings, fees and performance.

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Source: Morningstar

Lunar Offshore Portfolio Management

The Lunar Offshore Portfolio Management service offering is suitable for clients who have a minimum of R500,000 to invest. Clients will be required to utilise their offshore foreign exchange allowance to invest in this offering. Lunar Capital has partnered with major local and global financial institutions to provide this service, giving our clients access to major investment jurisdictions globally.

This service is structured to benefit from tax and estate planning. Contact us to provide you with more details of the Lunar Offshore Portfolio Management service.

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Application forms can be accessed through the link below. Alternatively, email us at: [email protected] or [email protected] and we can assist you with completing the forms.

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