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“I seem to arrive more firmly at the conclusion that my own life struggle has had meaning only because, dimly and perhaps incoherently, it has sought to achieve the supreme objective of ensuring that each of us, without regard to race, color, gender or social status, could have the possibility “To Reach for The Sky”.

– Nelson Mandela

Our Areas of Expertise

Lunar Capital is a start-up investment management business. We manage the Lunar BCI Worldwide Flexible Fund. Our objective in the fund is to grow the portfolio over the long term through real returns. We will also aim to communicate the investment strategy and portfolio selection to investors in a way that not only informs them of the performance of the portfolio but also helps to educate them on the power of investing and how to take better control over their investment objectives and skills.

The fund is aimed at investors who have similar investment objectives to the founding members, who have committed to seed the fund and retain their investments for a minimum period of 5 years. Our targeted investment objectives are to:

  • Build wealth over the long-term
  • Invest in selected equities, locally and offshore that have the potential to earn above average returns
  • Distribute Income semi-annually (dividends and interest)
  • Learn about the investment markets and stay close to the investment process

The fund will be invested largely in South African and offshore equities and the investment strategy will be biased to companies that embrace technology and innovation.

As it is intended to use this vehicle as a showcase for encouraging a culture of learning about investing; regular investors’ sessions will be held at the major centres, where the investment and stock selection philosophy of the fund will be discussed. A social media strategy to encourage investments, not necessarily to invest in the fund, will also be developed.

We target clients who wish to have exposure to a mixture of South African and offshore equities, bonds and cash. Our target equity investments will be companies who can benefit from technology and innovation.


Pricing is market related. We charge a fixed management fee and a performance fee. The performance fee is capped.

Management Fee: The management fee is 1% per annum, it is calculated daily and included in the Net Asset Value (NAV) per unit on the fund.

Our performance benchmark is SA inflation + 5%. We charge a performance fee of 20% of the outperformance over the benchmark. The performance fee is capped at 2% per annum, i.e. we will charge a maximum of 3% (1% management fee + 2% outperformance fee) per annum. The performance fee is only charged if the performance benchmark is achieved. The performance fee is also calculated daily and included in the NAV of the fund.

The NAV is calculated daily and is the price that buyers and sellers of the Lunar BCI Worldwide Flexible Fund will pay or receive for their units in the fund.

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