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Our Investment Philosophy and Process

Over the many years of investing in the markets, we have developed a philosophy and approach which is reflected below:

  • We buy quality businesses at fair prices.
  • We debate and identify the thematic trends that will deliver growth in the 3-10 year horizon.
  • Our portfolio will be concentrated, reflecting the thematic trends and companies we want to be invested in.
  • We only buy companies that we understand: how they make their money, what their risks are, and what their strategy is, etc.
  • When prices are low, we gear up; similarly we sit on cash when prices are high.
  • We measure and report our performance – and we strive to be honest about the reasons for our success/losses.
  • We meet regularly and debate as a group what the investment themes are, the companies to consider investing in, the investment philosophy/style, etc.
  • We take every opportunity to learn and refine our investment management skills and our knowledge of the companies we are invested in.
  • We keep an investment diary: we write-up the investment philosophy, the selected investment themes, the investment case for each company we consider investing in and then check back when we divest, the reasons for our success/failure.

Needless to say, as we gain more experience and learn, we will continue to hone in on our investment philosophy and approach.

Why invest with us

Firstly, we are investing a significant portion of our own money into the funds. This creates a strong alignment between the managers of the fund and the investors in the fund.

We believe that profound changes are taking place as a result of technology and innovation. We try to keep abreast with these changes and how they impact investment decisions. We look for investments in these growth sectors for which we look to pay a fair price.

During Carl Isernhinke’s tenure as Chief Investment Officer at Sasfin Asset Management, they won the Raging Bull Award.

Sabir’s  6 year performance  in managing the Higain Investments, long-term portfolio yielded an annual compounded return or 25.5% from  beginning 2010 to end 2015.

Lastly, we believe that by sharing our investment ideas and process, we help to educate our investors and the general public about investments. Similarly, through this process, we also learn and that also improves our investment management skills.