Delaying Gratification

Delayed Gratification In the world today, you can get most of what you want from a simple click: Want to eat? Click. Want a cab? Click. Want a book to read? Click. Want to know which of your friends are going to be in Johannesburg over [...]

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Share Focus: Stadio BEE Offer

Stadio (SDO) recently unbundled from Curro, which is part of the PSG family. Stadio will continue to be part of the PSG family. Post the unbundling, they have announced a capital raising rights offer) as well as an offer to raise R200m from invited BEE participants. [...]

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Thinking about my biggest investing mistakes

Shhh.. As the Naspers (NPN) share price keeps on powering ahead, I can’t help thinking why did I ever sell the Naspers I bought for my wife’s portfolio a few years back (Shhh.. please don’t tell her). In 2010, I bought some Naspers for my wife’s account [...]

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Second-Level Thinking

The best investors in the world have a great ability to look and think beyond the obvious. This characteristic is referred to as second-level thinking. In second-level thinking, one has to go beyond the obvious cause-and-effect type thinking. It requires one to ask deeper questions, like “So, [...]

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Thinking about investing in Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin?

In this blog, we will briefly discuss what are cryptocurrencies, what you should consider before investing in them, and how you could invest in them as a South African investor.   What are cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin? A cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin) is fundamentally a digital currency. It [...]

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The ‘Biggest’ Risk in Investing

Two sides of the same coin Whenever the subject of investing or investments is brought up, the immediate thought that would come to mind for most people is risk. This is quite appropriate and understandable as investing and risk are two sides of the same coin. [...]

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One Year On …

Market Context We launched the Lunar BCI Worldwide Flexible Fund (LBWFA) on 1 June 2016. In our first year to 31 May 2017, several significant events have been playing out locally and globally, which impacted the investment markets: Political events in South Africa have not only [...]

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Start your journey of wealth building by listing your assets and your liabilities to create #MyFamilyBalanceSheet. Here is a simple tool that you can use together with a copy of a presentation we have been giving to our clients and members of our community. Click here for [...]

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