Hubris Investors are faced with a multitude of risks in any investment decision that they take. With the recent results from Famous Brands, Mediclinic, Taste Holdings and also not so recently Woolies and Old Mutual; one can’t help wondering if executive hubris* is not one of the [...]

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Lunar BCI Worldwide Flexible Fund End of Year 2017 Report

Market Overview The calendar year 2017 was another roller-coaster year for the investment markets in South Africa and globally. Some of the more significant events include: Ratings agencies downgraded South African sovereign debt to junk status, citing political and economic risks facing the country; Serious allegations [...]

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One Year On …

Market Context We launched the Lunar BCI Worldwide Flexible Fund (LBWFA) on 1 June 2016. In our first year to 31 May 2017, several significant events have been playing out locally and globally, which impacted the investment markets: Political events in South Africa have not only [...]

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