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Welcome To Lunar Capital

Lunar Capital was founded in 2015 by Sabir Munshi, Guni Goolab, Carl Isernhinke, Bertie Jivan, Hanif Randera, Suren Sooklal and Higain Investments, an investment club founded in 1991. The founding members have invested in the business and provided long term seed funding to the Lunar BCI Worldwide Flexible Fund, which was established under a Collective Investment Scheme umbrella.

Our Directors are: Sabir Munshi, Vijay Bhana, Guni Goolab, Carl Isernhinke, Hanif Randera, and Suren Sooklal.

Lunar Capital is the investment manager of the Lunar BCI Worldwide Flexible Fund. Investment analysis and portfolio management is performed by Carl Isernhinke and Sabir Munshi. Between them they have over 50 years of combined experience in financial markets and technology. Carl was most recently Chief Investment Officer at Sasfin Asset Management (2011 to 2014) and Sabir was Chief Information Officer at Rand Merchant Bank (2007 to 2015). Sabir’s investment experience has been in his private capacity and through Higain Investments, an Investment Club for over 20 years. Sabir solely managed the Investment Portfolio of Investment Club since 2010. Our investment committee is made up of our Board members. They provide diverse and deep business knowledge and guidance to our decision making.

Lunar Capital are passionate about investing for the future, technology and talent development. Founding members have committed a significant portion of their own wealth into the fund.

Carl Isernhinke is the Key Individual and Dawn Julyan-van Deventer of Simply Comply is the Compliance Officer. Sabir Munshi has overall management responsibility for Lunar Capital.

About Lunar Capital

Our Core Purpose

Our core purpose is to meaningfully impact the investment culture of the communities and people whose lives we touch. We aim to do this by showcasing how investing can not only grow wealth, but also be a positive contributor to the growth of industry by allocating capital efficiently.

We aim to continually learn and to apply our learning to invest, and find meaningful enjoyment in the returns from our investments and in sharing our learning with others, impacting our country’s investment culture.

Our Values

Our values are captured in our tagline: LEARN. INVEST. ENJOY.

We strive to learn about business, investments, technology and people. We are on a continuous journey of learning. We apply this learning to our investment philosophy and in making our investment decisions. In this process, we enjoy not only our investment returns but also sharing our learning with our clients.

Ultimately, we want our clients to benefit from their investments and to become more investment-savvy.

Our Promise

Unfortunately, we cannot promise you a given return. We believe that that is irresponsible because no one can forecast the future.

What we can promise however, is that we will be significantly invested in our own fund, so that our interests are aligned with yours. So, we will look after your money because it’s our own as well.

Our Skills, Experience and Expertise

Sabir Munshi
Sabir Munshi

Sabir studied computer science and worked in the financial markets industry in various consulting, business and information technology specialist and leadership roles. He started his career with Accenture and subsequently with FirstCorp Merchant Bank, Gensec Bank/Sanlam Capital Markets and lastly as Chief Information Officer at Rand Merchant Bank. He is a founder member in Lunar Capital.

He is passionate about investing for long-term personal and societal prosperity. He has invested in his personal capacity and also as a member of Higain Investments, an investment club which has its roots since 1991 from the township of Lenasia near Johannesburg.

In addition, he loves exercise, reading, travelling and spending time with his family and friends.

Carl Isernhinke
Carl IsernhinkeDirector
Carl studied actuarial science and has played a number of roles in the Investment management industry at PSG Escher, Absa Capital, Clade Asset Management, and Sasfin Asset Managers. At Sasfin Asset Managers he was Chief Investment Officer from June 2011 to August 2014, whereafter he continued with Sasfin in the capacity of a fund manager. He is currently answering his entrepreneurial and acrobatic calling.